March 25, 2012

Year of Jewelry 2012, Weeks 12-15

The Year of Jewelry Project is a personal commitment to make one piece of jewelry every week for a year.  I have participated several times, but never made it through an entire year without being overtaken by other obligations.  This post has my projects from when I participated in 2012.  The best part of participating is seeing all of the various projects posted every week.  It is also amazing to see how many techniques and projects you can make yourself when you make one every week.

Year of Jewelry 2012, Week 12: Crochet Gemstone Necklace / Bracelet

Technically, this crocheted gemstone necklace is week 12 of the Year Of Jewelry (YOJ), but only week 1 for me.

March 22, 2012

Best Tip EVER for making Earwires

Wow!  Put this down as one of those moments where I wish I'd thought of that!!  A tutorial for making a pair of perfectly matched earwires came out today in Jewelry Making Daily and it is pure genius!  At first, it looks like she's making a standard clasp and you think you're reading the wrong tutorial, but then, viola! - a well placed snip and two earwires are yours.  I haven't actually tried it yet, but I don't see any reason it won't work.  Judge for yourself by reading the tutorial here.  You may need to create a logon for Jewelry Making Daily, but it's worth it!