March 24, 2012

Year of Jewelry: Week 1 Update

I joined the second quarter of the Year of Jewelry.  If you've never heard of it, basically it is a personal challenge to make one piece of jewelry per week over the course of a year.  There is a shared website for you to post your projects and there are a lot of terrific artists who participate.  Check out it from my list of links.

I decided to approach the challenge this year as if it were a class for school.  Not that I would get graded on the work - but more that it is an assignment that I must do every week - like homework.  And really, that is what it is for me.  A way to educate myself on new techniques and challenge myself to advance my jewelry making skills.

I started my weekly assignment early - planning what type of a project I would do and researching color choices and gemstones that would make sense.  In the end though, it was just like a school project.  I left my notes at home and had to wing it.  I failed to measure things correctly, didn't like my stone choices and ended up re-doing the whole project!  Boy, does that feel familiar.  You start early only to end up cramming and re-doing things at the end.  I hope I get a little better at this as the year progresses!

My challenge today is to get a good picture of my project (and oh yeah - I still need to add a clasp!).  It is a 30+ inch long necklace with gemstones woven onto a light cord (I think it really qualifies as thread).  It is not like anything I usually would make - since I typically work with wire.  It can be worn as a long necklace, doubled or wrapped about 6 times around to make a bracelet.  It was fairly easy to make, but I know there are a few things I could do better.  I'll post all that information when I actually have a picture of the project.  Now, I'm off to finish it!

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