April 9, 2012

Use Your Pictures to Sell Your Jewelry

At some point, most people who make jewelry will want to start selling it.  There's only so much you can keep for yourself, or give as gifts, so it just make sense to want to share your creative output.  In addition to making jewelry, I love to buy it and browse it online. And yes, I plan to sell it someday soon.

I've noticed the trend on craft style e-commerce sites (etsy, artfire, etc)  is to have artsy pictures of the jewelry - with a stone or shell in the background.  Or maybe the pair of earrings is poised on a teacup.  Sometimes, the necklace is draped three different ways over the rock or on a tree branch.  Or there are multiple different closeups - each with some portion of the necklace blurry - but the rest of the necklace in focus.    I'm here to tell you that the photos may look lovely - and I often admire the artistic virtue of the picture - but they are not selling the jewelry.

This is only my opinion of course, but if I can't see what the necklace (earrings, bracelet, etc) really looks like - i.e. how long is the chain, how big is pendant in comparison to the chain, how will it look in its entirety - I'm not going to buy it!  I don't need a gorgeous model - but sometimes a model helps.  I can tell you that I never buy jewelry to bring it home and hang it on a tree branch or drape it over a shell or a rock.  If that is the case, why are you showing me pictures of it that way?  Now, if you only have one or two pictures like that - and you always include a picture that answers the question, what will it look like on - then by all means be artsy with your photos to your heart's content.  But if you are wondering why you have such lovely jewelry and no one is buying it, maybe you should look at your pictures and see if they are making people want to wear it.

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