April 4, 2012

YOJ: Week 13 Woven Bracelet

I really liked the necklace I made for week 12 of the YOJ so I decided to stay with the same technique and make a bracelet.  I raided my 'lonely bead jar' to find assorted gemstones to use.  None of this was my original plan, but you need to go where your muse takes you.

I have been wearing the bracelet non-stop since I made it, and I really love how comfortable it is.  You don't even notice that your wearing it.  I don't usually keep my jewelry on day and night, but I really want to make sure it 'holds up' to everyday use (and abuse!).  So far,
it hasn't stretched or gotten dirty (both of which were concerns).  I also pull on it - HARD - to make sure the knots will hold and so far, so good.

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