April 15, 2012

YOJ: Week 15 - Vine Earrings

I really like the earrings I made this week - and the technique was challenging but not too difficult.  It is similar to the way I made the petals of the flower for last week's project.  You just add the rondelle, pinch the wires around the stone lengthwise and give it a few twists to lock it.    Then you continue twisting the wires to make the 'branches'.  I made this using 26 gauge wire, but it could easily be made with 28 for smaller rondelles.

I tried the technique from my previous post about making ear wires and it worked like a charm.  Fantastic!  I don't think I'll ever make them one at a time again.

My one disappoinment is that I didn't realize how darn long they would be.  At almost 3 inches, they feel too dressy for most days (but I'll wear them out to dinner at the local pizza place tonight anyway!).  They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.


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