May 12, 2012

Gem Trend Spring and Summer 2012

You need to buy beads frequently in order to keep up with the latest trends.  (At least that's what I tell my husband every time I go on a buying spree!).  But it really is true.  Most beads never go out of style, but there are definitely trends and you can tell by what you see in stores, runways and magazines.  Right now, opal seems to be hot.  The picture shows the strands of gems I just received on Friday.  These are all top quality gemstones and include (from the top): multi-opal smooth rondelles, smooth rainbow moonstone oval nuggets, faceted lapis lazuli rondelles, faceted ruby rondelles, smooth opal beads, pink opal faceted rounds, crystal faceted nuggets and last but not least, smooth rainbow moonstone briolettes.  Isn't it cool to see 3 different types of
opals with entirely different looks?  I think high quality moonstone and faceted crystal are always in style - since they accentuate anything else.

I also purchased some high quality focals made with golden rutiliated quartz.  They are clear quartz with golden 'hairs' inside.  They are fascinating. If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge and I'm sure you can see the fine strands of gold inside.  My biggest problem is that I always want to save them all for myself!  I usually can't bare to part with anything until I have extra.  As if the earth won't make more...


  1. Don't those gemmies look great! I am waiting for mine to arrive always exciting.
    The next give away will be going up Monday if I get time so do come on over and try again.

  2. Try again?! Does that mean I didn't win! I'll definitely be by to check it out. Thanks Jackie.

  3. Love the beads. Now it gives me an idea of what to order next time. I just picked up some of the smooth opals and garnets. My problem is that I spend my wad on the specials and never manage to head over to order the rest.