June 27, 2012

Capturing My Muse (on Paper)

My new sketchbook from Barnes & Noble

A New Journal for ME!!

Yes!! - I did it!  I got a new journal for my creative endeavors!  

I guess you're thinking 'big whoop', but it is to me!  I've had my last journal since June 24, 2006.  Wow - 6 years and it's still not quite full.

But I could not wait any longer.  

Don't get me wrong, I love the old journal.  It has sketches and plans and cut out pictures, web site references, notes and doodles.  But from a creative perspective, I feel like I've grown so much since the beginning of the this year - and looking back 6 years, it's like night and day.  

And there's nothing like a new journal - with all the crisp blank pages.  It makes me feel like I have sooooo much room to grow!  

My preference is a hard cover book with thick unlined paper.  It has to have a ribbon place marker.  I usually always write in pencil.  I need to erase.  I'm going to use colored pencils this time.  I have the Progresso Woodless Colored Pencils 24 Color Set and they are dreamy - they glide on the paper and sharpen easily.  A little fragile - but I'm careful with my supplies, so no big deal to me. (NTWBI - Not Too Worried 'Bout It).

Yikes - I just realized the colored pencils are fabulous - but they don't erase well.  They're just for visual interest and to add color sketches - not written content - so they should be good.

This sketchbook has perforated pages.  That was a concern when I bought it, but they seem like they are sturdy.  I hope that isn't something I regret in the future.  (Six years is a looong time to keep those pages in).

Want to know something strange?  I always leave the first page of my journal blank.  I think I know why - it would bother me to open the book each time if my first page of notes or sketches weren't all that I wanted them to be.  It keeps me from starting out being critical of myself - and keeps the creative juices flowing.

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