June 8, 2012

New Book (to me): Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders

 Earlier this week, I managed to send off 3 of my old friends to new homes.  That would be my old jewelry making books that I was not using.  I still have 2 more jewelry making books available, but since I made some shelf space I had to order something new to fill it.  Yesterday, Amazon's incredibly fast free shipping dropped Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders: Creative Wirework Projects for All Levels  at my door.

Yay!  I love new jewelry books.  I haven't had much time to do anything other than glance through it, but so far I'm very happy!!  I can see lots of jewelry eye candy, book sections that are well organized by skill level, and some wire wrap projects that I haven't seen anywhere else.  Love it!!  I'll add more details, as well as make some of the projects this weekend.

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