June 3, 2012

YOJ Week 22: Silver Spiral Earrings (Rachael) from The Earring Style Book

I started these earrings last week, but ran into trouble when the silver spirals wouldn't fit into the round silver frame.  That problem was sufficiently frustrating to make me give up on these.  This week, it was pretty easy to make new frames that were just a little bit bigger to fit the spirals into.

I may try to make another pair of these someday.  There are a couple of things about my earrings that bother me.  In the book, the spirals are hammered, but my hammering didn't texture as much as it seems like they are just flat and a little scratched.  Also, these earrings are a little heavy, so I suspect making the frames from 16g and the spirals from 20g may make them more comfortable for me.  I'm not sure how much it will affect the 'look' of the earrings though.  Always a good thing to try something different though.

The earring pattern is from The Earring Style Book: Making Designer Earrings, Capturing Celebrity Style, and Getting the Look for Less .  I have been writing a review of the book on my blog dedicated to what I'm reading, Lisa Yang Jewelry Reading.  I'd love to know what books you love and your feedback on my reviews.


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    1. Of all the earrings on my blog and facebook, these ones consistently get the most comments from people I know. Everyone seems to like their simplicity. I'll definitely make a lighter version.