August 14, 2012

Getting Adjusted...

Coming back from vacation is soooo hard.

All the unpacking, the laundry, the lonely pets and parents.

And then there's work, and volunteer activities like the PTA.  I'm swamped.

And sending your kids back to school - well, that wasn't as hard as I thought!

I'll be posting again soon though.  Just need to get a few more things in order this week!

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  1. Any grand Ideas on what to do with the Tons of beads I own? let's see last count I have about 30 individual boxes with compartments for those special guys. It takes a whole corner of my art room space. I Dont mind but when I'm looking for beads I have to remove all boxes and look in them by the time i find all my beads I'm not even wanting to bead. Not to mention the box of seed bead tubes I have ....yes a collector. And all my friends even husband buy me them at second hand stores or yard sales. So any better ideas would be great. I do have a box with about 50 removable boxes. But even if I have several its so hard to find anything and I have tried writing all the types n colors. Still need to look. Sounds silly but there has got to be a better way. Thanks ahead of time and happy beading!!!!!