October 4, 2012

New Gemstones Have Arrived!!

Does it seem like I buy many more supplies than I use?  No doubt, that is the case.  But as I tell my husband - they're so pretty!!  And honestly, I hate to use some of the gems I have in case I run out of something.  So, there almost always has to be an extra strand on hand before I will use one in my stash.

I love everything in this buy.  The round gems with the inset stones is a new design.  I think I could have chose my color combinations a little better, but these also don't photograph quite as well as they look in person.  The one on the right is whiskey quartz with rhodolite garnet - and it is a much prettier color dangling with light passing though it.  The one on the left, is lapis with peridot.  It is very pretty too.  Both have a groove on the circumference to wrap wire around it.  That should result in some interesting wrapping opportunities.  I will order some more of these - but I think they will look better with crystal outside and amethyst or something along those lines.  Lighter colors on the outside seem like they will work better due to the density of the stones.

I love the stars.  The 6 pointed star is labradorite - and you can see the flash in the stones is incredible.  The 5 pointed stars are lapis - with lots of gold flecks.

I always stock up on faceted rondelles.  From bottom to top, there is apatite, deep purple amethyst, prehnite, andalusite, rainbow moonstone, and aquamarine.  The aquamarine is surrounded by smooth tourmaline pebbles- one of my all time favorite stones.  The smooth finish really brings out their color.

One last note is that the picture is taken with my new I-phone 5.  I don't think it's as clear as using my camera with a digital macro - but I can't say I tried very hard to figure out how to optimize the picture.  It's a quickie and it looks like it.  I just (reluctantly) switched from a blackberry to an I-Phone.  My favorite feature is Siri and the voice recognition that allows me to speak my text messages.  I hate the onscreen keyboard.  My blackberry torch had a touch screen and keyboard - I miss the buttons!!

There are surprisingly many other things I miss from my blackberry.  The automatic shut off/restart schedule that helps preserve battery and the blackberry travel application are just a couple.  On the upside, I can play words with friends anytime - instead of when I'm using my I-Pad.  Is that really an up side?

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