January 16, 2013

More Beads ... from A Grain of Sand

 More jewelry supply goodies arrived in the mail yesterday!  I have been eyeing these Picasso beads from A Grain of Sand ever since I first tried Kumihimo braiding and saw a bracelet that used them.  I am especially fond of the mixed Picasso 3-cut seed beads.  The colors are muted and vibrant at the same time (is that even possible?).  And each bead is so unique - it is really fun to  to go through them.  There are some beads that have a pretty earthy mottled brown exterior, with a slice that
reveals bright orange, bright yellow or even red underneath.  They are soooo fun!

I decided to try a few different sizes and types of seed beads while I was purchasing these.   I even seemed to have some level of color coordination in what I chose - although I have to admit it is pure coincidence.

I have never purchased from A Grain of Sand before, and I will be adding them to my list of vendors.  In addition to specialty seed beads, I also purchased some vintage glass cabochons.  I thought the selection was fabulous and it was hard to narrow my choice to the four in the picture.  Of course, I have never used anything like these before, but I'm already thinking that I want to buy more!  The service from a Grain of Sand was quick, everything was well packaged and labeled, it was easy to order.  Basically, it was an easy transaction just like you would expect.

And if you're wondering, I get nothing extra from A Grain of Sand for writing this (although they can feel free to send me anything extra anytime!).  I just think it's nice to share supplier information, especially when their items are unique, their prices are reasonable and their service is all that you would expect.  The same is true for my purchase from Etsy seller Tiger Bead Store earlier in the week.

Oh yeah - and I still have one more item outstanding from A Grain of Sand.  If you've been reading my blog, you know I love bead surprises, so how could I resist joining at least one month of the Bead Hoard Curiosities Club?  I read an article about it in the February, 2012 issue of Bead & Button magazine about it. I've been feeling an urge to make some vintage-style jewelry anyway, so hopefully my bead hoard shipment will satisfy that craving sufficiently.  Of course, I will post my goodies when they get here!


  1. So what did you get in your month of Bead Hoard Curiosities Club? I put an order in for next month; a lot of fun is in the anticipation of course, but it would be interesting to compare notes.

    1. Oh my - I never did post it because I was a bit disappointed at the time. However, I do have it all somewhat together so I can still get it together for a picture. It was a mixture of stuff - a pair of glass pearl screw back earrings, lucite beads and dangles, a vintage coin bracelet, a hand of seed beads, some red lucite things, a few glass cabs... I felt like there was no theme or common thread to it, which made it difficult to use (and I still haven't used any of it!).

    2. that was a hank of seed beads - lol.

    3. Thanks for your reply. I set my expectations low going in. I have a long and persistent history of falling for grab bags and mystery boxes only to be disappointed upon receipt :-)

    4. I'm the same way. I can't get over wanting to find something new - so I keep falling for it. I hope you are pleasantly surprised.