February 27, 2013

Focus on Wire Jewelry Making

Greetings!  I'm back!!

It's been a little while since I've posted, but I've been very productive over the past month.  It was good time for me to clear the cobwebs, decide on what I'd like to concentrate on in the coming months and make a path to move forward.  One of the things that is clear to me is that I need to add more focus to what I'm working on - both personally and in a business sense.

Focus was one of the words that I considered for the Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge but the need for kindness seemed to be affecting me more at the time, so I chose that instead.  That challenge was one of
the things that made me realize how unfocused I was.  Just before the challenge I was trying my hand at soldering.  As part of the challenge I tried metal stamping and then shrink plastic, plus a combination of wire wrapping.  Whew!  My workspace runneth over with tools and supplies and projects!!

The picture above is one of the tags I made while working on the wellness words challenge.  It should be obvious that I never stamped metal before - but, I like the tag anyway.  Something about the fuzziness of the stamped image really enforces the idea of needing focus for me.  I will use it to make a bracelet in the near future.

So, what can you expect in the next few months?

  • I'll be back to posting regularly (a couple of times per week or more).  
  • I'll be back to focusing on my favorite jewelry making skill, which is wire wrapping, although I will be keeping my torch handy in case I need to solder something here and there.  
  • I'll be trying a few new things that complement wire wrapping, like Viking Knit and wire weaving. 
  • I'll be updating my neglected Etsy shops for jewelry and jewelry making supplies which, despite the neglect, have garnered some sales here and there.
  • I'll go back to participating in some online challenges such as The Year of Jewelry Project on facebook.
  • I'll be working with more color, different types of beads and materials, and including some vintage and re-purposed items in my jewelry.
  • I'll be making bracelets.  I spent the past year or so making earrings - not necessarily by conscious choice - it just worked out that way.  I plan to to make bracelets to improve working with multiple strands, try more color combinations and enhance my design aesthetic for layout and pattern.
And so there you have it!  Until later...  Cheers!

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