July 13, 2013

A Necklace Designed By A Friend

No matter where I go, I always have a bag of jewelry tools, supplies and components with me.  If I have to wait 20 minutes to pick up my kids at school - I've got my bag of tricks to keep me busy.  But, it also comes in handy when I want to get opinions from friends on my new creations. 

That was the case last week when I went to a friend's house for a barbecue.  I had just finished making these hammered copper stack rings and I needed to know if other people thought they were as cool as I did.  So, I pulled out my work in progress jewelry box that had the rings plus a few other little doodads that I have been making.  The rings were a hit.  But then my friends start looking at all of the other little goodies.  

This time I happened to have some beads that I bought on my trip to Arizona - heishi and stone fetishes, plus some coil wrapped pendants I made on the trip.  When my friend's saw them, it brought out the jewelry designer in them.  All of a sudden strands of beads are being matched up with pendants and being tried on - with questions like "Can I get this pendant strung on these beads - with a second strand of these heishi - longer... or maybe a double chain of these and... "  Well, you get the idea. 

I really enjoyed that my friends liked my creations - but I especially liked seeing what they created with the bead components I had with me.  Honestly, I would have never paired up some of the items they way they did - and it opened my eyes to some new creative possibilities.  And it also resulted in a custom order for this necklace!

The pendant is a bone bead with a flower carved on each side.  It's feminine and rustic at the same time. The copper is antiqued with Liver of Sulfur and then buffed with steel wool to shine the high spots.

I wrapped the bead with a simple coil frame, a technique that I have been playing with lately.  The necklace chain is made up of small shell heishi.  Luckily, I had enough copper components to finish the necklace properly.

I'm very pleased with the way the necklace turned out.  It makes me laugh a little that even though the pendant and the heishi beads were inches away from each other in a clear plastic beading case, I probably would have never paired them up without my friend asking me to.  I hope she loves her new necklace.

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