September 13, 2013

Jewelry Supplies from Fire Mountain Gems

There are at least a couple of great things about Fire Mountain Gems.  They have a huge variety and they ship quick!  I ordered some goodies at the beginning of this week and they were in my mailbox yesterday!  One thing that I'm happy about is that I am getting much better at recognizing which items I am going to like and which I should pass on.  Since I'm a sucker for assortments, there's almost always something that I wouldn't normally buy, but sometimes those beads come in  handy too.

I'll start with one of the items I love, love, love...

 These are lamp worked glass curved rectangles.  They have holes on each side and are meant for bracelets.  They would make pretty bracelets, but I plan to use them for pony tail holders.  They are really pretty in
person and even have some gold sparkles.  Now, to figure out how to attach them to the hair elastic...

 I bought a few strands of stone beads, but nothing precious or very expensive.  I'm happy with all of these, even though there are always some little surprises.

I love these carved jade rectangles.  They have carving on both sides and remind me of an elastic bone bracelet that I used to wear to death in college.  It had a very similar flower.  The surprise on these babies is that they are not center drilled.  They are top drilled across the long side.  Not a big deal, but it does mean they won't be a tile style bracelet!

I was definitely in the mood for some bright jewel color stones, and even though they are rustic, I love all 3 of these strands.  The top one is lapis lazuli diamond shape beads - and what is surprising is the deep blue color and the amount of gold flecks in them.  They are probably dyed - but I still think I can make good use of them.  I think they next two strands are reminiscent of ruby and sapphire or kyanite - but so much cheaper since they are dyed jade.  I've already used some of the blue squares, and they are super.

I'm not sure why I had to have these moonstone diamonds except that the price was right and I love stones with chatoyance.  Surprisingly, these stones have a good amount of flash and rustic appeal.

And here is my impulse buy - an assortment.  I always have to buy at least one surprise - and this is it.  This is a 5 strand assortment of fancy shaped dyed jade.  Starting from the bottom, there are green cubes, melon drums, turquoise blue diamond cubes, berry hearts and small green barrels.  The turquoise seem unlikely to ever get used by me - and the hearts seem like a stretch too, but you never know!  The other 3 strands are definitely shapes and colors that will work for me and actually nice quality - straight drill, nice polish, nice color.  I can't complain.  So, that's my latest bunch of supplies that I don't really need!

This weekend, I'll be participating in the Pearls, Pearls, Pearls Blog Hop hosted by Shel of MiShel Designs.  The reveal is on Sunday - and since I love pearls, I've made several pieces for the post.  I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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