October 4, 2013

Adjustable Wrap Rings with Diamond Gemstones

This week, I was inspired by some rings I saw at a local shop, Kingfisher Road.  They have an amazing assortment of jewelry, along with clothing and accessories.  It is a great place to buy gifts.  In any event, the rings were manufactured - not hand crafted, but I liked that the rings were adjustable and used gemstones.  This was the perfect opportunity for me to use some of the gemstone beads I bought from Fire Mountain Gems.

I made several rings, but these are the ones that turned out best.  This picture is before I applied patina.

Even though I love bright copper, I rarely leave it that way.  It doesn't stay bright and shiny anyway, so you
may as long speed up the process.  The gemstones here are peach and grey moonstone.  They remind me of leaves, which is perfect since Autumn is just starting to work it's magic.

The beads are a little larger than I anticipated and it took some fiddling for me to feel comfortable with the orientation of the stones on my hand.  If you look at the first picture, I started with the moonstone pointing directly away from each other.  I found a gentle curve worked better on my hand though.

The band is 18g copper and the wraps are 22g.  This is the second ring that I made, and I was able to correct some minor design issues.

The first ring I made uses Lapis Lazuli diamond beads, also from Fire Mountain Gems.  They were part of a $2 sale, so I don't think I could go wrong with a strand.  They are surprisingly nice for the money, with deep blue color and flecks of gold.

The ring is the same basic design, but the ring shank is wrapped with the 22g wire.  In both rings, the stone shape is outlined with the shank wire to give a bezel effect.  The wire 'bezel' is not closed and has the potential of catching on things (even though it hasn't so far).  To minimize the possibility of catching, in the moonstone ring, I made sure both of those wire ends were on the inside of the ring.

The lapis ring is very comfortable and a better size for everyday wear.  The shank is 20g wire which is a little thin, even with the coiling to reinforce it.  I plan to make a couple of more like this, but I will use thicker wire for the stone outline / shank wire and also hammer it.  Since I made these at a softball game, pulling out the hammer and anvil would have been more attention than I was interested in having.

I really like that both rings are adjustable.  I have been able to wear both of these rings on any finger with no issues.  The rings have been caught a couple of times and bent away from my finger, but I just push it back into shape.

One other thought I've had is that the lapis stones on the ring reminds me of a snake's head.  As you may know, I really like to make snake jewelry.  I'm thinking it would be fun to use these lapis stones as the snake head and have the ring wrap one more time around my finger and make the other loose end into a curving snake's tail...  Just one more thing on my 'to do' list!


  1. These are great! I love how they came out!

  2. I love the little lapis snake! Reminds me of a character in a fantasy book I read...she was a magic snake ring named Sning that could come to life. :) I would wear either of these beauties!