November 27, 2013

A Little Thing Called Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my day to host the families.  This year, there will be a larger than normal crowd.  About 20 people.

This year, my oven is broken.  Dead.  Nothing.  Not even a flicker of life.

It just went that way last night, but has been acting up for about a month.  I honestly thought it would make it through the big day.  Ah well, I tested the oven gods and they were not with me.

A lesser mortal would panic - how will I cook the turkey, the yams, the biscuits and keep the mashed potatoes warm?

But I have the best resource anyone could have - my Mom - who lives only 15 minutes away, who will cook the most amazing turkey, stuffing and gravy and bring it to my house.  Of course, she lives with my Dad, who with my brother, will try to repair the lifeless oven at the nth hour because that is who they are.

And I did panic when all this occurred.

I was ready to crawl under the covers and cry - but instead I called my Mom... like I have so many times in my life.  And I was met with a reassuring and calm voice that said 'It will all be OK' and we started to make a plan.

And I still cried... but it was because I am so grateful to have such wonderful parents who live close by and who are able and willing to help me in all situations, and always have.

And there is so much more that I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving.  My husband and kids, great friends, good health, and really - great abundance in all things.  I'm not very good at expressing my thanks and gratitude, but I hope I've done well enough.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you also have many good things in your life to be thankful for.


P.S.  After replacing an oven temperature sensor, re-wiring the oven and replacing a circuit breaker for the oven, it is working.

But... the guest room shower now has no hot water.  Amazing!

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