Wire Wrap Jewelry Design: Proportion

From all those handmade earring findings I made last week, so far I have only completed one pair of earrings! I used the simple wire wrapped Czech glass bead ear wires and added some very nicely faceted whiskey quartz drop beads.

Handmade Earwires with Gemstone Beads

This weekend was about making earring findings - lots and lots of ear wires with gemstone or glass beads.  The designs are all similar, a bead with a wire frame, but they also vary slightly as I tried my hand at different techniques for making them.

Woven Bead Cap Earrings

 I wish I posted these woven bead caps several weeks ago when I made them.  I see a lot of designs with wire weaving and I've always discarded the idea as 'not my thing'.  With these earrings, it may have become something I'd like to make 'my thing'.