January 30, 2014

$5 Jewelry Book Downloads from Interweave through 1/31/14

Jewelry E-Book Deals

Today, Interweave added a few more $5 deals on Jewelry E-Books.  I am a hoarder of books and magazines, so I already have some of these.

Maybe there's something here for you?  Remember these are e-book downloads only.  And make sure the price comes up at $5 - the sale ends quickly and there were problems at the site the other night when I ordered my magazines (the site was S-L-O-W)

Weave, Wrap, Coil was one of my favorite books to browse for a while, but I've never made anything from the book or in that style.  Someday... maybe.

I'm tempted by Rustic Wrapping and The Jewelry Architect, but I'll see if I can look in the books on Amazon before I make a decision.

I should get Stamped Metal Jewelry because my stamping technique is awful - but we don't always do what we we should - lol.

After my last purchase, they sent me a coupon code for an additional 10% off - and it worked for this book too (I decided on The Jewelry Architect).  Try THANKU10 or IW10ABC in the coupon code box during checkout.

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