January 24, 2014



This is my jewelry making blog, and - as you might have guessed - it is about making jewelry using wire, beads, gemstones, fiber and a variety of techniques and tools.

This post is part of a blog hop called Grow Your Blog hosted by Vicki at 2 Bags Full.  The blog hop is a way to get more readers and followers at your blog - basically, it gets the word out to other bloggers and crafters.  There are over 500 bloggers participating this year!

First, I'll tell you about what you'll find here and a little about myself.  And at the end of the post, you'll find a free give away of a pair of earrings.

Who is my blog for? 

I write my blog for people who would like to learn to make jewelry - whether you want to make a project you saw on Pinterest or Facebook, or would like to take it up as a hobby or eventually sell your jewelry at home shows, craft fairs or online.

I think anyone can make beautiful jewelry with an understanding of the techniques, materials and tools.  That is my goal - to learn how to make jewelry and share the information so others can do the same.  

I also write my blog for myself - to keep track of what I've made and how I've made it.  I can't tell you how many things I've made over the years that I want to make again - and I have no idea how to do it.  I don't know what type of wire or cord I used, or how much, or where I got the beads or what kind they are.  It's so frustrating to start at the beginning again.  This is my online journal that I hope you can use to learn too.

A few things about me

I make jewelry in my 'spare' time.  In real life, I work as a business analyst designing software for the US Navy.  It's challenging, sometimes stressful, very detail oriented and surprisingly creative. I'm proud of my work - and that it supports the brave men and women who fight for our country.

I'm also a wife and Mom to two wonderful children who are not so little anymore.  They are high school athletes and my posts will often mention the projects I made at a baseball or softball game as I travel to watch them compete.

I love being at their games - and one of my superstitions is that I will always start making jewelry if their team is losing.  It's as if the baseball or softball gods will turn things around if I'm not paying critical attention.  Don't ask me to explain it - it's superstition - and that's the kind of sport it is.  I wear my lucky Christmas tree socks all year long too (but only for really important games so the magic doesn't wear out!).

Why do I make jewelry? 

Hmmm, why not?  I guess the reality is that there are a gazillion crafts that I could (and have) indulged in.  I also like stained glass, embroidery, crochet and gardening.  I think I like jewelry the best because of the wide variety of techniques and that I make something wearable and durable.  

I am also fascinated by gemstones; how they are created, how each is unique, and the artistry that goes into revealing the beauty of a gemstone.  I like glass beads too.  Honestly, I'm not sure I've met many beads that I didn't like.  Let's just put it out there - I'm a bead hoarder.  

One of the biggest things about jewelry - I love the history that can follow a piece jewelry.  I love that it is valued and passed down in families, presented as a gift for special occasions, and is tied to special events, from births to weddings to even sports championships!  Jewelry is nostalgic and that appeals to me.

And just to make my point - these lovely crystal earrings are among my favorite pieces of jewelry.  I am guessing they are over 100 years old - having belonged to my great grandmother and worn on her wedding day back in Hungary.  The ear wires are not original (obviously) but the pretty basket setting and the crystals are.  They were a gift to me from my mother on my wedding day in 1996 - and will someday be gifted to my daughter.

I doubt the earrings have any significant monetary value (my family has never been particularly wealthy), but they mean a lot to me and I hope they will continue to be cherished by the women in my family.

Back to the point of this post

I hope you will join me on a jewelry making journey - whether you follow my blog by email or subscribe in a reader (see the sidebar), like my personal page or jewelry page on facebook, follow my boards on Pinterest or just pop in from time to time.

Right now, I am working on my wire wrap jewelry techniques starting over from the beginning with plans to publish an e-book of jewelry projects before the end of the year.

Jewelry Give-Away: Comment and be entered to win

Now to the really good stuff.  Besides publishing my blog, one of my joys in making jewelry is having people enjoy wearing it.  So, I'd love to give something to one lucky person who comments on this post!

These earrings are one of my favorite designs.  They are blue goldstone beads wrapped with  brass wire.  Very simple and great for everyday wear - but with enough sparkle that you can dress them up.  Goldstone is actually glass - not a natural gemstone - and I think it is more common to see the copper color goldstone than this pretty blue.

To win these earrings, just leave a comment and a way for me to contact you (email or blog address).  A winner will be selected via random number generator on February 15th, 2014.

I look forward to visiting and following some new blogs as a result of this hop.  Thanks again to Vicki and be sure to visit the other participants from the list on her blog 2 Bags Full.


  1. Hi Lisa! I'm one of the GYB party volunteers stopping in to welcome you to the party and to say I hope you have a very successful event.=)

    PS No need to enter me in the drwa - I don't have pierced ears!!!LOL!

  2. Hi Lisa
    Wow I love that you are calm enough to make jewellery whilst watching your kids sports! Given what you have said about the history behind your jewellery you might like the story of my himalayan necklace...!! We are sports mad in our family too.
    I will enjoy your blog, I am your newest follower.
    Wren x (littlewanderingwrem.blogspot.com)

  3. Hello Lisa! You make some beautiful jewellery. i will enjoy findiong out more about you and your life.


  4. Hi Lisa,

    I'm visiting from the Grow Your Blog party. You are very talented! I have seen quite a few jewelry blogs throughout the party. I plan to look around a bit more and then be on my way to visit the others. I do hope you will stop by for a visit and enter my giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs – Donna

  5. I found your blog via GYB - I would like to follow as I make jewellery myself but not too sure how to work Google Plus - will have to figure it out. Enjoy the hop and come and see me at www.hergracedevata.blogspot and Cloister of the Heart!

  6. Hello Lisa! Stopping by your beautiful blog from the Gloy Your Blog party! Happy to meet you!

  7. Hi Lisa, I'm not stopping by from the blog hop (but as a recent follower) and wanted to say hi and nice to getting to know you more. I've been following for a month or so and have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your designs. :)


  8. Just found you through the GYB blog hop and wanted to let you know I am now following your blog. I have seen a couple of your tutorials elsewhere online but this is my first visit to your blog. Glad to meetcha!

  9. Hi,

    Visiting from the GYB party and your jewelry is great. Your tutorials are very clear and easy to follow.

    Good luck with the GYB event.

    Deb and Kathy

  10. Your jewellery looks lovely Lisa. I'm pleased I've discovered your blog.

  11. I'm your new follower... found u frm GYB... your creations are lovely!!! I love making jewelry among others and would love to learn new techniques and designs.... pls do visit my blog..
    Moxie Craftie

  12. Hello,

    Nice to meet you.:)
    I would like to participate in your giveaway.



  13. Hi Lisa, I didn't know you worked for the navy, I learn something new every day!
    Love your jewellery please add me to your giveaway. Hope to see you over at my blog!

  14. Hi, nice to meet you, I'm going off for a nosey round your blog. Please don't enter me into your giveaway as I don't wear earrings.

  15. Cool Blog! I'm a crafty girl too :-D I'm a follower now and hope you will stop by my blog as well. Regards, Tammie Everly/ TTE Designs tammie@ttedesigns.com

  16. Count me among your new readers - I dabble in Jewelry a bit, too...your work is beautiful, and your great grandmother's earrings are SO special! Happy Creative Sunday - Tanya

  17. Hi Lisa
    Nice to "meet" you on this GYB hop. I'm not a jewellry maker, but I love wearing it, and I have done some beaded Kumihimo bracelets. Hope you'll stop by my blog too. Have fun blog-hopping!

  18. So nice to meet you at the GYB party! Have fun! Hugs, Terri

  19. I have been following your blog for a while and I always enjoy looking at your jewelry which is pure eye candy and sharing your tutorials. Those earrings are so graceful and just my colors. Please enter me in the drawing.


  20. Glad to have found your blog, Lisa!

  21. Greetings from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Beautiful jewelry.

  22. Hi Lisa, I'm visiting from GYB party and glad to find your blog. I'll stop by again to see what you're up to.
    Louise of Lily and Jasmine Treasures http://lilyandjasmine.blogspot.com/

  23. Wow you are a busy woman. It is wonderful that you find time for your love of jewelry making and you are quite good at it. Very lovely pieces. I used to be in the military so I understand how stressful it can be. Enjoy those kids. It was so nice to meet you.


  24. Thanks for sharing your story & blog. I'm working my way through the Grow Your Blog list... I am in the 1st batch if you want to visit my embroidery blog.


  25. Cute earrings, thanks for sharing!

  26. Hi Lisa, I'm pleased to meet you on the GYB circuit! I'll be following your blog on Google+ and looking forward to your posts. Wonderful artistry! take care, deborah I'm at: http://deborahstanleyinspirations.blogspot.com/

  27. Hi there, nice to meet you. I've enjoyed looking through your blog and the tutorials

  28. Your Grandmother's earrings as beautiful and love how you made them "yours". I've visited Hungary and love it...friendly people and beautiful country. I make jewelry and enjoy the process but it's only one of the things I do here on the farm. Visiting via Vicki's GYBP and enjoyed your blog.

  29. Very nice to meet you along the blog party route. And I just finished your wire loop tutorial! Grandma's earbobs, are simply lovely! Enjoy the blog party. Aloha

  30. Hello from the Yukon. I hope you're enjoying this party as much as I do :)
    Evalina, This and that...

  31. Hi there, it is so nice to meet you. You do such lovely work. It's been fun to meet everyone from the GYB hop.

  32. Your work is beautiful. I love these earrings. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. Hi Lisa, I'm visiting you from gyb today. Love wire working and gardening. I get to bead and wire wrap on these long road trips we take to visit mydaughter in North Carolina. I'm from a small Island and I think I'm a follower now of yours, once i putyou into my reader. Stop by and visit my blog post and see my wire wrapping, you never know we might have more in common. Thank you for the giveaway they are lovely.
    Take care,

  34. Hi, love your blog. Thank you for sharing so many tips. Your jewellery is beautiful. I have really enjoyed your blog. Happy hopping!

  35. Hello, I am still working my way thru the party at GYB. Your jewelry is very nice and my grand daughter is dabbling in it a bit so we will follow to get your tips and tricks on how to create beautiful things to wear and cherish. Thank you for sharing and the chance to win. Happy blogging.

  36. Hi, Lisa. I'm your latest follower (on Bloglovin). I'd love to be entered in the giveaway. I'm giving away a pair of earrings at my own blog http://acbeads.blogspot.com.

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  40. What a lovely piece of jewelry. Great work, Lisa.

  41. How exciting I am new to blogs. I am excited about the possibility of winning. Keep up the good work.

  42. A very interesting fact (or rather facts) about goldstone. I need to read up on some stones some time.

    Hope you are enjoying the party!


  43. Love your jewelry! Great blog too.

  44. Best wishes with the GYB challenge, Lisa! And I'd love to win this pair of beautiful earrings!
    Lynda @ Fresh Baked Designs

  45. Wow I love all the pictures of all you BEAUTIFUL jewerly and I would be honored to take part in you drawing for those LOVELY GoldStone earrings.

    I hope you stop by my blog for a chance to win my giveaway. Thank You for being a part of the GYB party. I'll be back ... and I'm going to be following.