December 2, 2014

Holiday Jewelry Tools Wish List: Wubbers Jumbo Tapered Pliers

(S)he's making a list

It never hurts to have a list - especially when it's a list of goodies that people could consider buying you as gifts this holiday season.  And don't worry, if you miss the holiday (I celebrate Christmas), my birthday is a few days later...

So, what would I like to find under my tree this year?

First up are these Wubbers Jumbo Tapered Round Pliers .

Yes, I know they are different looking, but that's exactly what intrigues me.  They are designed by Sharilyn Miller, a wire wrap goddess in her own right.

If made correctly, I can see these pliers offering whole lots of options not afforded by smaller round nose pliers. Since Sharilyn makes bold designs, I am hoping they can handle thick wire - 14g or larger would be ideal.

The jaws on the pliers taper from 2mm to 20mm.  That opens up more options than the standard step pliers.  Also, I can see making cones from either sheet metal or wire using these.

One thing I learned from the engineers in my family is that a flat spiral can be elongated into a twisted spiral of wire and vice versa.  So, I could use these pliers to elongate a spiral or possibly make a long spiral of wire and flatten it to a flat spiral or swirl.

I haven't found many reviews of these pliers though - and I'm not sure if that's because they're not very good or because no one has really tried them.  I guess I'm willing to be a guinea pig.

Another pair of Wubbers on my list is the Classic Round Nose Wubbers Pliers .

For the most part, I am still using standard pliers from Michael's craft store and I figure my hands could use a break this year.

That's a start on the tools on my list.  More to come!


  1. Wow - Wubbers and Sharilyn Miller together, how can you go wrong! Thanks for the info, I added the pliers to my wish list and if they aren't under the tree, could be my first purchase in the new year :) They may seem pricey at $49.99, but Wubbers is solid and think of all the things we could make!

    1. I've had my eye on these for a while and I agree - they are a little pricey. But they seem so different than anything else I've seen - and yes - wubbers are nice quality tools. I hope I get a pair - or you're right - it could be one of my purchases after the holidays. (but my family reads my blog - so I figure I have a good chance of getting some things on my list if I keep posting - lol!).