April 16, 2015

Suede Beaded Purse Tassle

Dressing up

I'll bet most of you doubted my commitment.  What commitment am I talking about?  

That I would actually use some of the Silly Plastic Tub O'Beads for anything remotely interesting. Even I (may have slightly) doubted my sanity after that post.

Well - Ha!  I think I have succeeded. The design itself needs a little refining and certainly a different color suede for a tutorial - but here it is.

It's not a purse

There are a lot of purses out right now with pretty tassels - beaded or not, that add some style to otherwise simple tote designs. Where ever I go, I bring some beading goodies with me so I have a large bag that fits this category.

Glam your bag with a beaded purse tassel: from Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

It's a satchel

I made a tassel from black suede cord, and added some of my new large holed plastic beads and here it is.

Glam your bag with a beaded purse tassel: from Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

Yes - the random Y letter bead was in the tub, so I had to use it. I had to use Sharpie to outline the letter though.

From a design perspective, I think it can be made more interesting in a few ways, but honestly, the least of the problems is the beads.  First off, all of the beads except the few wooden ones, came from the plastic Tub O'Beads.  

The wooden beads - well, those came from a wood and shell assortment Natural Tub O'Beads.  Yes, there was another one!

And here's where it gets funny again.  I was searching Amazon to see if I could find a picture of my Natural Tub O'Beads and instead found this assortment - which I would just love to have!  Much more expensive than the $1 I paid for mine, but you gotta admit, the 1 pound Assorted Shapes Bone and Wood Bead Collection  is very cool.  It's actually way cooler than mine.  And they would look fabulous on the black suede cord.  Oh well...

If you need instructions on how to make a tassel, they can be found at beadwork.about.com.  The only changes I made was to use the suede cord to wrap the top rather than wire, and to add a black cord attached with a lark's head knot to the top of the tassel instead of a jump ring.

When I make another, I probably will not wrap the cords with the suede again - or if I do, I will add some beads.  It's just too hard to see any details.

Glam your bag with a beaded purse tassel: from Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

I'm also thinking the tassel should be longer since I lost a bit of the length tying the knots under each of the beads.  I might have added more beads to each strand if they were a little longer too.

I'll try to have a detailed tutorial done by this weekend - and, well, you know,  you're already just a little bit jealous of my Plastic Tub O'Beads.  Aren't ya?


  1. Ok, now I KNOW our brains think alike. I love the purse tassel and while I love me some more expensive beads, I am not a bead snob and I adore the plastic assortments too! Last August I got obsessed with a mix of plastic beads called "old world Moroccan style beads" from S&S Worldwide, a company that sells art supplies for schools and nursing homes. I had looked for the bargain tubs of plastic beads but couldn't find anything that was subtle enough. So I ended up spending $36 for both the large and small assortments, including shipping. I knew it was ridiculous at the time (and slightly embarrassing to relate) but those beads really make me HAPPY just looking at them. And now you've given me another idea for how to use them, besides macramé. Thank you. :-)

    1. I used to be a bead snob, but I'm so glad I'm over it. I'm having so much fun loving all these crazy inexpensive beads. And the part I love best is that I never worry about something not coming out good enough or the beads getting ruined. It just doesn't matter like it did with all of my AAA stones (which I still love - but not in the same way!). So glad you can relate to this - cause I had serious remorse after publishing it thinking no one else loved these silly beads like I do. Whew!