August 24, 2018

Circular Netting Beadwork - The Basics and Beyond

I've been working on these little doo-dad mandala beaded charms for a month or so now.  I'm finally backtracking to publish some instructions though. These designs are where I started my exploration, but I was already familiar with the basics of circular netting.

 And even though I know the stitch pretty well, I still decided it would be useful to take a step back from the colors and fancy crystals to start with the basic circular design and try to evolve to the more complex designs like you see above.

August 18, 2018

Teardrop Wire Frame with Coil Decoration Earring Tutorial

I made these earrings a while ago, but they are still a favorite of mine. They are perfect for everyday wear, and if you experiment, you'll find they look terrific when you vary the metals - gold filled or brass coils on a silver frame, silver on a copper frame, etc.

Wire Teardrop Earring Free Tutorial

Once you have the basic technique down, the size can easily be altered to make them larger or smaller. You can also follow the instructions here to make the wire teardrop frames without the coils. These are useful as beading frames for projects like these earrings with brick stitch inside the frame

Wire Teardrop Frame with Brick Stitch Earring Free Tutorial

or these teardrop mosaic bead earrings.

Wire Teardrop Frame with Mosaic of Gemstone Beads Free Tutorial

I also created a video on how to make the wire frames. Scroll to the end of the post to watch. I recommend you click on the video where it says YouTube and watch it there. It is much larger and easier to see.