July 24, 2012

Re-Purposed Jewelry Components

I posted all of my great finds from the swap meet yesterday.

In addition to the pendants, I also purchased four of these silver colored stretch bracelets.  They are very nice quality copper based beads with a silver color on top.  They are very pretty and all in very good condition - as beads that is!

I started cutting them apart almost immediately!

One thing that I have never seen before are the long bar components.  They have a little pocket that the knot for elastic or the crimp was tucked into.  It is very ingenious and I can't wait to re-purpose these in my own bracelet designs.

I selected one of the half circle beads to highlight on a simple silver necklace.  I used gold filled wire to attach the bead and also to attach the clasp to the chain.  There are 2 sweet AAA round pearls by the clasp as well.  The necklace is about 17 inches long.  The chain and clasp are sterling silver.

I really need to start selling some items, and I thought this was a perfect item to start - but it looks really good on me.

So I made another one!  

One for me, one to sell.  It's a start.  As soon as I have a few more items ready, I will put this in my etsy store.


  1. I love it... How much are you selling it for?

  2. I'm still deciding. I'm going to finish making a few more pieces and then I will list them on either my etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/NotAMona or at my new website

  3. Hi Summer! I hope you are enjoying the necklace. See you soon!