September 11, 2012

Is the Digital Magazine Subscription Worth It?

I haven't blogged about it lately, but besides hoarding beads and jewelry supplies, I love books.  Non-fiction books on all sorts of topics.  Craft and jewelry making books are high on my reading list, but so are business, blogging and motivation types of books.  I have a blog for reviewing jewelry books, so please check it out if you haven't.

I also love magazines.  In a time when most people are stopping their subscriptions, I always seem to be adding more.  Magazines are the equivalent of the short story to me.  They add variety, are easy to bring along and fulfill the need to catch up or delve into a subject.

Recently, it was time to renew my jewelry magazine subscriptions.  I love jewelry magazines and have saved my issues for the past 10 years.  It's getting to be a bit of a burden to keep them all though.  This time, I decided to add digital subscriptions for Bead Style and Bead and Button.  The really nice thing about these two magazines in particular - is that you can keep the print subscription and add the digital for an additional $6.  That allows me to try the digital and decide if I like it without giving up the print magazine.

I wasn't sure I would like the digital magazine. I've tried them before for things like Woman's Day or Elle Decor and I found I didn't really read them in the digital format.  For the jewelry magazines though - I am thrilled!  I may go digital only on some of my other subscriptions (of course - that would be in another year, since I already renewed them all!).

I read them on my iPad using the Zinio reader.  The best part - is that you can zoom in on the pictures without losing the details!  That is incredible!!  To be able to zoom in on projects and see how the wraps or details are done is a huge benefit.  I also like not feeling like I have to keep all of the old magazines anymore. I recently cleaned out some of my stash, but I still have an entire shelf of my closet devoted to the magazines I couldn't bear to throw out.  In all honesty, I do refer to them when I'm at a loss for inspiration, but the digital seems like it will give me all the benefits without the clutter. (the shelf has 10 years worth of 4 different magazines - not a small collection!)

I highly recommend adding the digital magazine editions.  I just checked Interweave and noticed that they have the 2009 Step by Step Wire Jewelry Collection Download and 2010 Step by Step Wire Jewelry Collection Download on sale for just $9.97 instead of $19.99 - and the 2005 Step by Step Wire Jewelry Collection Download is just $4.97 - but I think there are less editions for the early years.  In any event,  I think I will take advantage of these offers and take back a little more of my closet space!

Check back on my blog because I will be listing my old magazines to send them to a good home in return for some beady goodies of your choosing.

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  1. I did the same thing when I renewed B&B and I, too, love it. I loved that I got the digital version before the magazine and knew what I'd look for in the magazine. I may have to switch to digital subscriptions because we recently moved to teeny tiny place and I no longer have room to store all those back issues!