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August 25, 2014

How to Choose Colors for Your Beading Project by Limiting your Choices

Will blog for beads: A note about today's sponsor

Yes, it's true.  I will write a blog post in exchange for beads - or most jewelry supplies for that matter.  If you have a tool, supply, beads, finding, tutorial, pattern, etc. and would like someone to try it (gratis) and write about it, I'm here for you.* (half kidding, half serious - obviously depends on the product)

The beads used in today's project were chosen by me, but provided free by Auntie's beads in exchange for me making something cool with them and writing about it on my blog.  They had no influence on what supplies I chose, what I made with them or what I'm writing - and I don't get a commission for anything you might buy from them (but maybe you can tell them you saw it here and they'll give me more beads to play with).

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming

Decisions, decisions...

One of the more difficult decisions I face with each project is what color beads to use.  That decision has become even harder now that I have moved into the realm of seed beads where there are gazillions of colors combined with tons of different finishes or coloring techniques (ok - so I exaggerate just a little).

August 22, 2014

Adding Gemstones and Non-Seed Beads to Brick Stitch Jewelry

Brick Stitch Earrings, Miguel Ases Style

Why I love Miguel Ases

Besides his incredible use of color...

And the unique and intricate shapes...

One of the things that attracted me to Miguel Ases jewelry is that he incorporates gemstones and crystals into his seed bead creations.

In the world of jewelry, gemstones and crystals are my first love.

And now that I've spent my time learning the basics of how to weave seed beads around (and with) crystals, I thought it was about time I try to add some gemstones.

August 21, 2014

Two Brick Stitch Pendant Variations

Ases Style Brick Stitch Pendants DIY

Variety is the spice of life

If I like a piece of jewelry that I've made, I'm rarely content with just letting it be.  I will almost always make it again, with some slight twist.

If I like the colors I've used previously, I'll vary the shape.

If I like the technique, I'll vary the size or color.

It's all about experimenting and the natural evolution of a design.  If you've ever got a creative block,

August 08, 2014

New Ases Style Shapes: Brick Stitch Bling Earrings, Pendant

Miguel Ases Style Bling Earrings by Lisa Yang Jewelry: DIY

Bling, Bling... Hello?

My latest Ases-Style earrings is this pair of black and gold sparklers.  A new pattern and color combination - as well as a new technique to hang the brick stitch components.  

I'm feeling more confident with my brick stitch capabilities - and I hope it is showing.  I'm trying to move beyond the simple rounds to drop shapes - either by changing the center bead from a round to a drop or adding different size beads on top of the round bead.

This is the largest pair of stitched earrings I have

August 06, 2014

How to Make Beaded Memory Wire Hoop Earrings: Free Tutorial

Remember when? 

Memory wire bracelets - do you remember when those were popular?

Twisty beaded bracelets that
wrapped several times and gave the look of multiple bracelets.

Yeah - me neither!

Well, maybe I do remember, but just like so many other jewelry fads, I let it slip right by me without ever  owning one.  At some point, I did buy a coil of memory wire, and promptly used them to ruin what were my good wire cutters at the time.

Somehow, just like making stretch bracelets, memory wire has come full circle for me (pun not intended - but you have to admit, it's a little funny the way that fits - memory wire, full circle... OK, never mind.)

Memory wire is not like you remember it.