October 12, 2015

Updating Beadwork Posts: Halloween Beaded Spiders and Beadwork Basics

Ah well, it's been a while - hasn't it?  I hate when I let so much time lapse without writing here - it gets hard to get back to it.

Today, I'll knock out the spiders and cobwebs (literally!).

I have been busy - writing some new bead projects and updating some old content at the Beadwork site. It's been interesting and opens up a whole lot of creative ground for me.

I also think it's perfect because I may be a better editor than writer - but there could be question as to how proficient I am at either.


If you're in a Halloween mood, I recently published a tutorial for these beaded spider earrings. This picture is before I added liver of sulfur patina.

I like the beaded spiders both ways, but the darkened copper are probably a little creepier looking (see the first picture). I'm not a huge Halloween person, but I have to admit to really liking these spider earrings.  They hang just long enough that they peek out from your hair at your neckline and they are large enough to be noticed. And sparkly - gotta love sparkly!

In the general learning category, here's the list of articles I've updated recently at the beadwork site.
One other thing I took a look at was an oldy but a goody -  an edition of Beadwork Magazine Presents 41 Favorite Jewelry Designs.  I had a coupon from the Interweave Press site so I could get the digital download of the magazine for half price - about $8.00 (They always have coupons on their front page at the interweave store - so check back periodically). 

It's an old edition with projects prior to 2009, but the projects are really nice and well worth the $8. Most of the designs are pretty complicated, but when you decompose them to their individual parts, there's a lot of interesting techniques.

Between that magazine and this month's Bead & Button (pg 32), I've decided to try my hand at St. Petersburg Stitch. The double version makes a really nice chevron shaped chain. It's a natural for bracelets, but I'm going to use Double St. Petersburg stitch to make an earring design (that's just to show you I can never take the obvious route). My sample stitch is above.

And one more thing, this time a little wire work.  I should have the tutorial finished in the next day or two - to make these swirled post earwires. I found them kicking around in one of the boxes I was cleaning out and they're pretty simple to make, but a great design. The swirled post earwires work well with bead stitched components and wire work.

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