June 01, 2022

Sparkly Right Angle Weave [RAW] Bicone Crystal Bead Tennis Bracelet - It's Easy!

 Do you like sparkle? Then this bracelet is for you. This is a good beginner right angle weave (RAW) beading project.

To make a 7 inch bracelet you will need the following materials: Beading thread (I am using FireLine thread in Crystal), 100 4mm bicone crystals - formerly known as Swarovski but another brand will work, scissors, size 11 delica beads  (Translucent Silver Gray Luster), a clasp, and a beading needle.

It is hard to add thread using right angle weave, so start with as long a thread as you can work with. A 10 foot piece of wire is enough for a standard sized bracelet (7 to 8 inches).

Thread you r needle and pick up 4 bicone beads leaving a 6 inch tail so you can add a clasp later.

Go back through the first two bicones to form a square.

Add 3 more bicone beads to the thread and go back through the bead that you were exiting at the beginning of this step. 

Pull the thread tight and they will snap into another square unit.

Pass through the next 2 bicone beads to reposition your thread to make the next unit.

Continue adding square segments to the bracelet until it is the desired length.

When the base of the bracelet is completed, go through the bicone bead on the end so you can stitch back towards the beginning of the bracelet. You are now going to reinforce the bracelet by adding a delica bead in between each of the bicone beads along the sides.

Before you start adding the delica beads, make sure the bracelet is larger than you need. It will get smaller once you add the delica beads because it pulls the right angle weave tighter. 

Also, be sure to account for the size of your clasp.

Pick up a size 11 delica bead, and stitch into the next bicone bead in the row along the edge of the bracelet. Pull tight so the beads are touching.

Continue picking up a delica bead and stitching into the next bicone bead down the entire length of the bracelet.

When you reach the end of the row, stitch through the last bicone bead to turn around.

Repeat the process of adding the delica beads along the other side of the bracelet.

When you reach the other side, knot the thread ends together and add a clasp. 

I used delica beads to attach a two strand clasp to the the bracelet. I added a loop of 4 or 5 delica beads, the clasp and then 4 or 5 delica beads again. Always reinforce the thread path you use to attach clasps.

To finish the bracelet, weave in the thread ends, secure with half hitch knots and you can also use a drop of crazy glue if you like.

Enjoy your new bracelet. This is especially stunning, and sparkly, in the silver/gray colors, but I'm sure it would also look amazing in black, or lots of other colors too.  Enjoy!

I am just finishing up work on a wire wrap jewelry with beads book for absolute newbie beginners that I am very excited about. It will be available before the end of the year. 

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  1. This bracelet looks gorgeous but I can't see how you are attaching the clasp..

    1. I will see if I have any pictures that I can add. Thank you!