September 14, 2022

Circular Brick Stitch Daisy Flower [Perfect for Beginners]

 When I was first figuring out how to make this pretty beaded flower, I had to try 3 different ways before I got it right. Once I realized how easy it was, I thought I would make a garden full of flowers. Of course, I didn't and just moved on to the next project on my list. 

Beaded daisy instructions by Lisa Yang Jewelry

I figured today was the day I would make more - maybe a pretty red drop bead for the petals with yellow or white (or both) in the center. I was hoping for something resembling a poinsettia. But knowing my bead collection (and lack of organization), my backup plan was black petals, with orange or purple - a little Halloween themed fun. 

Beaded flower tutorial for beginners by Lisa Yang Jewelry

I did finally find the red beads to make this version.  Read on to find out how to make these beginner friendly flowers.