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January 09, 2013

Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings on Labradorite Custom Earwires

I went into the Woman Cave yesterday expecting to make an updated version of the gemstone cluster earrings I made over the weekend.  I wanted to make the dangles closer to the ear wire and also play with some different size and shape gemstones.  My muse had other ideas,
and I'm not entirely sure where these earrings came from.

I made three pairs of these ear wires - the ones pictured with coated labradorite wire wrapped gemstones, a pair with black spinel gemstones and another pair with coated black spinel gemstones - which is an extra sparkly dark grey color.  All of them are wire wrapped the same way - three stones framed by wire and wrapped to the french style hook.

I've always liked the ear wires - but have never been able to figure out what should dangle from them.  I know they need something large - since the wire wrapped ear wires are pretty substantial on their own - just over 1 inch in length.  Somehow, finding the right dangle became my mission last night.

I have a beading board on my bench that is filled with miscellaneous incomplete projects (which is where these ear wires were naturally).  I was whipping through all sorts of stones and somehow pearls seemed to fit the bill.  Then I started digging through all of my pearls looking for the right shape and size.  Ultimately, I decided they should be these fabulous 12mm AAA white baroque pearls.

I am a bit disappointed in the pictures, since none really show the sparkle of the labradorite - and pearls are so difficult to take pictures of!

In the end, I really love the way the earrings came out.  They remind me of a funky version of a classic style earring; 3 bezel set diamonds and a pearl drop.  I wish I had to get dressed up for work - since I think they would be perfect with work attire.  They are a bit dressy for my jeans and t-shirts!


  1. Sweet earrings Lisa, just been to my blog and saw them, I love labradorite too and the pearl drops are gorgeous!

  2. Great earrings. I'm so glad to hear that other artist's tables are as messy as mine are!!!

    1. Did I say messy? I prefer to think of it as organizationally challenged. :)