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July 17, 2016

Cleaning Up (Beads), Organizing (Beads), New (Bead) Projects

It would feel like I've had a break if it hasn't been for the fact that I haven't.

Let me catch you up to date!  There's been work, stuff with the kids...  And now to the beadwork and jewelry making part.

As you may (or may not) know, I've been writing for the beadwork site at  There have been a lot of changes since I joined in January 2015 with many more to come.  All of it is good, since the site really needed some re-work and it is always expected after a company is acquired.

One of the biggest changes for me personally, was being asked to shift my focus from writing new
projects and tutorials to updating previous articles.  Definitely different, but it's great opportunity to learn new techniques and take my skills in directions that I might not otherwise go.

It's as if someone lays a huge beadwork instruction book on your lap and says you must make a certain number of items from the book every month and share what you've done.  That is pretty much the way I always approached learning jewelry making, so it's all good.

A more recent change, and one that I'm sad over, is that I will no longer have a weekly newsletter from the beadwork site.  Who knows, that may change, but they have decided to do away with 'expert' newsletters in favor or channel newsletters, such as Arts and Crafts or Needlework.  So, if you would like to get projects, you will need to sign up with one of those newsletters (the link is on the beadwork home page)

Or you can always follow me here using the many ways I list at the end of each article.  I may consider a more formal newsletter in the future, but for right now, you can get my projects through email from this site or on social media where I typically post them.

Speaking of projects, here is what I made this weekend.  It is double spiral rope stitch and there is a free tutorial at the link.  It's incredibly slinky, substantial in size, and really pretty.  I've tended to stay away from thicker ropes, but the more I make them, the more I appreciate the look.  I'm tempted to say dramatic, but that's not always true.

If you don't visit the beadwork site, you may have also missed this patriotic peyote flag ring pattern and  tutorial  I made for 4th of July.

I like that by turning the ring it can either be a flag or a stars and stripes pattern, depending on how much of the star border you let show.  It goes halfway around the ring.

If you don't normally read peyote patterns, I think this is a pretty easy one to start with.

I have about a gazillion other things backed up to share with you here.  Lots of new tools and supplies, storage solution, tons of beads, and some new to me books that I picked up in used bookstores in Colorado last month,

I'm trying to do a little more wire work too - I miss it a lot.  I'm all about immediate gratification jewelry making and no matter how small an off loom beading project is, it takes a lot more time.  I needed to learn patience though (ask anyone who knows me).

I hope you are enjoying summer! 

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  1. Which company bought which company out???????

    1. IAC purchased in late 2012, so it's not really 'new'. After the acquisition, they made some immediate changes that improved the look and feel of the site (new templates, new experts), but now they are making a next level of changes that will make bigger differences. For example, they spun off their healthcare articles and experts to a new website called It's very slick.

  2. AnonymousJuly 17, 2016

    I would like to respond to your piece about bead organizing. I have given organizing a lot of thought in the 40 years or so I have been beading. What would be the best venue to do this?

    1. I'd love to hear! You can comment here, but this piece isn't really about organizing, so it may not be seen enough. You can post it on my facebook page (link is above in the post), or you can email me personally if you think it might make a good topic for a new post - which I think it would! My email is lisayang1 at (but replace the at with the @ and remove the spaces).

  3. AnonymousJuly 17, 2016

    Organizing! A great topic. I am often frustrated when I'd like to make a project and I know I have the pieces but I can't find them in my massive amount of boxes of beads and findings.

    1. haha! Story of my life! I spend as much time organizing and searching for beads as I do beading. I kinda forgot to post some of my new organizers here, but I will do that this week.

  4. Thanks Lisa for this wonderful DIY!! It seems to have a compact and beautiful design wrapped in an elegant fashion. These bead designs are utterly glorious to match any kind of outfit.