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April 26, 2015

Using Circular Brick Stitch Components for Earrings

What's Next?

Hopefully, once I published my circular brick stitch tutorial you were so inspired that you stayed up all night making a few.

You can lie - I'll never know.

Assuming you did, you're probably wondering what the heck do I do with all of these gorgeous beaded circles?

Ah - well, here's an idea.  Add a few more beads, a little more brick stitch, some french ear wires and you've got these great earrings.

Picking up from the finished circle component...

Your thread should be coming from the top of the beaded circle.  From here, I like to make a little bit of fancy-ness for the drop to hang from.

String a few beads and then I added a 4 mm round glass bead in a similar shade of pink to the pink quartz in the center of the brick stitch component.

Once I added the pink bead, I circled it with the thread on each size (twice) just like I do when I start any circular brick stitch component. Then I  add circular brick stitch around the 4 mm bead using 11/0 cylinder beads.

There's only one tricky part - and that is the bead at the bottom center of the 4mm bead must be the same type of bead that you are using for brick stitch.  As you brick stitch around the 4mm pink bead, you are going to incorporate that bead in the brick stitching.

Hopefully, that makes sense - but if not, just notice that the last bead strung before the 4mm round is the same 11/0 cylinder bead that I am using to brick stitch around the 4mm bead.

When you get to that bead, it's a little difficult to stitch down through it.  The bead will be fairly snug against the 4mm round bead, but if you wiggle it a little you'll find the room.

You'll continue brick stitching around to the top, add another 2 or three coordinating beads, enough beads for a hanging loop - in my case, that was five size 11/0 round seed beads and weave back down through the center of the beads back to the main round brick stitch component.

To finish, weave in the working thread and tails - add earring wires and enjoy!!

There are a couple of other ways I use these components that I will try to share with you this week.  I hope you like them!

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  1. Love this idea! Now I have to actually do some circular brick stitch components:-)

    1. They're so much fun to do! I love just playing with colors and bead sizes - I make them whenever I'm not sure what else to make.

  2. A great reminder to do circular brick............thanks, and love the earrings you came up with, and the components. Well done......thank you.