2 Ways to Make Wire Jump Rings for Jewelry Making

Jump rings are a necessity for jewelry making. Jump rings are used to hang pendants, join components and attach findings such as clasps and earring wires. Having a variety of jump rings on hand can mean the difference between finishing a jewelry project or waiting for supplies to be delivered.

Jewelry making tools used to make jump rings

No matter how many types, styles and sizes of jump rings I have on hand, there are always times I can't find the jump rings that I need.

So, the question is, do you buy more jump rings or should you learn how to make your own jump rings?

Loose Messy Coiled Wire Hoop Earring Tutorial

 These coiled hoop wire earrings may be my new favorites - favorites to make and to wear. 

It's always fun (and challenging) when making wire jewelry to let things be loose and not make everything match exactly. Especially when you are making earrings! I'm so used to trying to make earrings be carbon copies.

DIY Small Coiled Wire Hoop Earrings (Huggie Hoops)

Making these wire hoop earrings is a great beginner wire wrap jewelry making project. 

This wire hoop DIY follows the current trend of smaller hoops that hug your ear (huggies). I saw a pair of coiled hoop earrings similar to these during my recent shopping trip at the mall, so of course, I decided I needed to make a pair for myself.

The materials and tools are super simple and they will take less than an hour to make from start to finish. My finished hoops are a little less than 3/4 of an inch in diameter. Perfect for everyday wear.

Is ParaWire Good Jewelry Making Wire?

Choosing jewelry wire is a very important part of the jewelry making process.

ParaWire and handmade stacking wire rings

 Jewelry wire can affect

  •        how easy it is to make your project,
  •        the visual appeal
  •        the cost of making the jewelry and therefore the price (if you are selling) and
  •        how long the finished jewelry will last.

With so much depending on the wire you choose, it makes sense to find a good quality jewelry making wire. Read on for my recent experience using ParaWire.

Double Infinity Looped Wire Ring Tutorial

This new wire ring tutorial is pretty exciting.

It uses one technique to make the double infinity loops, but I've managed to make two different ring styles by turning the wire focal horizontal in one version and vertical in the other. 

This tutorial is for the vertical double infinity wire ring, but helps you understand the differences in the version with the horizontal wire loops.

St Petersburg Stitch Garland Bead Bracelet

St. Petersburg Stitch beadwork bracelet

This St Petersburg stitch bead bracelet is like a holiday wreath for your wrist! Made with single St. Petersburg chain, the combination of colors gives it a Christmas holiday feel, but you can wear it all year long.

The beads accentuate the slightly asymmetrical nature of the stitch by alternating the color on each side between red and gold. Here's how to make your own.

St. Petersburg Chain Bead Stitch Tutorial [Single]

Beadwork made with St. Petersburg stitch tends to look complicated. It does have several different steps, but once you get the hang of it, St. Petersburg stitch is actually easy and makes a nice beaded chain quickly. St Petersburg stitch is typically used to make bead chains, but I have also used it to around a wire frame and it's very pretty!

There are two well known variations, Single St. Petersburg chain (above) and Double St. Petersburg chain (below).  They both use the same technique with the double version connecting a second chain using the middle beads. I will publish a tutorial for double St. Petersburg stitch in the future. I love how it makes a chevron or feather shape.

This tutorial will show you how to make the single St Petersburg bead chain.

Wire Wrapping Top Drilled Bead Pendant [Book Excerpt]

Top drilled drop shape beads and briolette beads make eye catching additions to your handmade wire jewelry creations.  

Unfortunately, top drilled drop beads can also be challenging to wire wrap, especially for beginners.

There are a variety of techniques for wire wrapping top drilled beads and which one is best for you to use will depend on:

  • the size of the drop bead
  • the size of the drill hole on the bead
  • what size and type of wire material you are using
  • how you plan to use the wire wrapped drop bead in jewelry
  • and how experienced you are with wire wrapping. 

The wrapping technique in this article is one I often use to wire wrap top drilled drop beads. It is especially easy for beginning wire wrappers. 

This is an excerpt from my book Wire Wrap Jewelry Making for Beginners that is available now for purchase on Amazon and some other retailers such as ParaWire.