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March 28, 2016

Bead Patterns, Peyote and Two Drop Peyote Comparison

On an impulse a month or so ago, I bought some beadwork design software - BeadTool if you're interested in looking at it.

Actually, it was more of a necessity than an impulse.  I needed to update some patterns and it seemed like the easiest way to get it done.  Little did I know...

That's when it started... and when I disappeared from my blog.

First, I designed and made this great peyote stitch beaded heart ring tutorial.  And then, these even count peyote spiral tube earrings.

Then, I realized that in order to use the beading software effectively, I had to catalog, label and organize all of my seed beads. Organizing them helps because then I have a palette available of only the colors and types in my collection.

And once I did most of them, I realized the entire collection was ho-hum boring, and I needed to buy many more colors.

About eighty tubes of 11/0 delicas (a small portion of which is pictured above) and sixty hanks of 11/0 Czech beads later, I'm back!