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I love working with seed beads! Who knew these tiny rounds of glass can bring so much joy (and sometimes frustration!)  I hope you get started off on the right foot with this index of beadwork articles.

Best Thread for Beading: Which is better for beading - nylon or fishing line thread?
K.O. Beading Thread Review: KO beading thread is awesome. But only for certain things.
Types of Beads for Jewelry Making: How to choose the right seed beads for your jewelry making project.
Hercules Fishing Line: Perfect for Beadwork including Fringe: This new-to-me thread has become a quick favorite. Find out why.

Beaded Daisy String Tutorial: Instructions to make Native American beaded daisies on a string variation of a daisy chain
Circular Netting: Learn the basics of circular netting stitch - a lacy variation of peyote stitch.
Brick Stitch Edging on Bead Embroidery: Finishing bead embroidery edges with brick stitch.
Single St Petersburg Stitch Tutorial: Step by Step instructions on how to do the single version of St Petersburg stitch
Twisted Bead Fringe Tutorial: Make your fringe stand out by adding a twist.

Beadographer Beading Design Software Review: Software to design and layout your beadwork. Fun and helpful!

Helpful Tips:
How to Stiffen Beadwork to Hold its Shape:  No flops here - just tips on making your beadwork hold up better using Protect-a-Clear
Lisa Yang's Jewelry Group: A facebook group where I hang out with other beaders like you. Come join us!
Holding Tubular Beadwork: Trial and error finding the best way to support tubular stitches
Circular Brick Stitch Center Beads: Exploring simple Miguel Ases technique, this post tells you what to look for in a center bead for circular brick stitch.

Stars and stripes American flag 2-drop peyote ring pattern: Step by step to make a patriotic American flag peyote ring with bead word pattern and chart.
Flat brick stitch chain bracelet project: This beaded chain is a super easy way to learn brick stitch.
Make a 2 strand bead fringe component: A fringe component that can be added to projects.
Hugs and Kisses Heart Peyote Tube Bead Pattern: Peyote tube bead with love symbols.
Beaded Garland Bracelet: Made in holiday colors, this is a festive bracelet that resembles a holiday garland. Uses single St. Petersburg stitch.
Beaded Toilet Paper Roll Earrings: A pandemic favorite for when you can't spare a square.
Odd Count Peyote Cross Ring: I used to avoid odd count peyote because of the extra steps on the turn, but this project helped me get over it.
2-Drop Peyote Heart Ring: Makes a wide two-drop peyote ring with a heart design in the center - gorgeous!
Fancy Beaded Mandala Pendant: Use circular netting (a type of peyote stitch) to make beautiful mandala pendants.
Huichol Style Beaded Flower and Star: Distinctive flower and star motifs made using netting technique
Fancy Scallop Shapes with Brick Stitch:  Learn a technique based on a pair of Miguel Ases hoop earrings from the Sundance catalog that everyone loves - not kidding!
Leather and Crystal Bead Loom Bracelet: A lot of people call this technique ladder stitch but it's really a simplification of looming - this bracelet design was made wildly popular by Chan Luu
Leather Loom Bead Bracelets: Another bracelet design made popular by Chan Luu, leather and seed beads, also sometimes called ladder stitch (but it's simple looming!)
Beaded Rope Cuff Bracelet: Instructions to make a cuff bracelet with odd count peyote tube and memory wire
Tubular Herringbone Weave Bracelets with Loop and Button Closures: Pretty pictures and examples of herringbone bracelets and button loop closures that work
Native American Daisy Chain: Variations and links to projects.
Adding Crystal Centers to Circular Brick Stitch: Simple Miguel Ases style project
Ladder Stitch Bracelets: Not the Chan Luu style ladder stitch, but the traditional ladder stitch. Similar but different.
Daisy and Peyote Stitch Ring: Simple and pretty - a perfect starter project.

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