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April 11, 2015

Daisy and Peyote Stitch Ring

I guess I'm almost daisied out.  I spent the week trying to perfect a few designs and generally playing with the shape.  That was when I had free time - which I didn't have very much of thanks to returning to work after a week off and it officially being baseball/softball season again.

In the end, I made a tutorial for these sweet little rings that combine a thin peyote band with a beaded daisy flower design. I guess it may be hard to tell that both are the exact same design - just a variation on the center bead and number of petals.

I've got to say, I like the new design much better than the original that got me thinking about making rings with daisies.  I wore this one for a few days, and although I like the triple flower design, the connections between beads were too flimsy and it eventually broke. But, it was a starting point that got me moving in the right direction.

First, I changed the band to a simple peyote band - and used delica beads.  I think it looks much neater - but most of all, it is sturdy. No stretching, no gaps or loose threads.  The daisy flower rather than being connected by the band is stitched on top.

That has two advantages.  The flower has more dimension and is raised off the finger and the band is more sturdy. I wish I had used a larger center bead on this one.  The flower tends to mush a little since it is not forcing the petal beads outward.

I'm much more pleased with this ring - even if it doesn't look like a daisy.  By swapping the center round bead for a Miyuki blue color lined cube bead - the flower takes on a totally different look. When I wore it today, people had to do a double take to realize it was made of beads.

If you would like to make one of your own, check out the free peyote stitch daisy flower ring tutorial.

I'm a little proud of myself.  I made my first bead diagram as part of my beaded daisy tutorial.  This will show you how to make the beaded flowers.

How did I do? Making daisy chain was a great opportunity to give making a bead diagram a try since it's a pretty simple design.  I'll definitely be trying to expand my skills a little more in this area.

I hope you enjoy the rings.  In addition to making great finger rings, I think they will be super cute toe rings for summer - and they are probably also super comfortable since they don't have wire.  Some other design options are making the band wider, adding more flowers or continuing to experiment with different shape beads.

I have many more things to share in the coming weeks.  I got a huge box of goodies from Beadalon including some new tools, a local discount craft store is going out of business so I bought a ton of supplies there AND I have still been working on finishing some of my previous designs incorporating the Thai Amulets I made and tassels.

You may have missed the free tassel making tutorial since I don't think I mentioned it here before.  It will show you how to make the purple tassel with the green stone accent on the left.  Tassels are pretty popular in jewelry right now, so it is well worth knowing how to whip some up.

Until next time...

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  1. Sweet, dainty bracelets and rings. Yeah, I know when you grab some free time and kinda get obsessed with perfecting a project. Love your daisies--and I'm not tired of them. Love your blog, too.

  2. Thankyou for the Tutorials and for your friendly Site, much appreciated. Greetings from South Africa.