February 7, 2019

How to Stiffen Beadwork to Hold Shape Better

Many beadwork designs benefit from being flexible that can make them drape like fabric.  Beaded ropes and fringe need to curve and move as part of their design. But sometimes, the flexibility of woven beads is not an asset. It can cause edges to curl or designs to lose their shape.

Circular brick stitch and circular netting, along with Russian leaves are designs that don't always stay flat for me. I've tried several different methods to have them hold their shape, but only one has worked really well for me.

January 6, 2019

Re-using Beads and Cleaning Bead Holes

If an article about cleaning bead holes doesn't make you excited for the new year, what does?

I realize it's not that catchy, but I've started the year with the intent to 'Do more, and buy less', so the topic is on point. Of the two wire wrapped rosary chain bracelets below, the top one has beads in desperate need of a cleaning. They are peach moonstone just like the new bracelet underneath it.  I guess when you wear a bracelet every day without taking it off, it can get a bit grimy.

Even though I own enough beads to stock a small bead store, I can't bring myself to throw out a perfectly good bead - no less an entire bracelet worth of them. Especially when they are gemstone beads. So, I had to find a way to clean them up, if possible.