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June 29, 2018

How to Make Decorative Jewelry Knots: Josephine Knot and Double Coin Knot

Decorative knots are always handy to know for jewelry making. After all, that's pretty much the whole basis of macrame - making decorative knots in a variety of patterns with different materials.  Last month, my tutorial for The Spruce Crafts was how to make a Chinese Double Coin Knot.

I did my research, like I always do, and wrote my tutorial - only to figure out just before my publishing deadline that the tutorial I wrote was for the very similar, almost identical, vaguely different Josephine Knot. A bit frustrating - but I still had time to re-shoot my pictures and make the deadline.  I figured since I already did the tutorial for the Jospehine Knot, I may as well share it here, as well as what the difference is.