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December 07, 2022

Double Infinity Looped Wire Ring Tutorial

This new wire ring tutorial is pretty exciting.

It uses one technique to make the double infinity loops, but I've managed to make two different ring styles by turning the wire focal horizontal in one version and vertical in the other. 

This tutorial is for the vertical double infinity wire ring, but helps you understand the differences in the version with the horizontal wire loops.

December 06, 2022

St Petersburg Stitch Garland Bead Bracelet

St. Petersburg Stitch beadwork bracelet

This St Petersburg stitch bead bracelet is like a holiday wreath for your wrist! Made with single St. Petersburg chain, the combination of colors gives it a Christmas holiday feel, but you can wear it all year long.

The beads accentuate the slightly asymmetrical nature of the stitch by alternating the color on each side between red and gold. Here's how to make your own.

St. Petersburg Chain Bead Stitch Tutorial [Single]

Beadwork made with St. Petersburg stitch tends to look complicated. It does have several different steps, but once you get the hang of it, St. Petersburg stitch is actually easy and makes a nice beaded chain quickly. St Petersburg stitch is typically used to make bead chains, but I have also used it to around a wire frame and it's very pretty!

There are two well known variations, Single St. Petersburg chain (above) and Double St. Petersburg chain (below).  They both use the same technique with the double version connecting a second chain using the middle beads. I will publish a tutorial for double St. Petersburg stitch in the future. I love how it makes a chevron or feather shape.

This tutorial will show you how to make the single St Petersburg bead chain.