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November 28, 2017

Holiday Earring Designs - Ornament and Christmas Trees

I am feeling a little bah-humbug this holiday season, but you wouldn't know it with all of the Christmas holiday jewelry and ornaments I've been working on. At least I'm trying not to be a Scrooge!

DIY Bead Holiday Earrings - Ornament and Christmas Trees

Unfortunately, this year has been a bit of a creative struggle. You could say I've felt unsure of what direction to head. Beadwork? Wire Wrap? Stringing? All of the above?  Something new like jewelry from silverware?

I've given myself a lot of freedom this year to lay off the blog and just create, and honestly I don't have much to show from it. I doubt that is the path I'll follow in the new year.  And I guess I have had some exciting acquisitions lately that could give me new challenges and directions.