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April 29, 2013

Making Herringbone Weave Beaded Hoops

It's no secret that herringbone weave is one of my all time favorites.  I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate it into my wire wrap jewelry.  This time, I decided to try using herringbone style wire wrapping to surround some glass beads and embellish simple copper hoops.  This is the first time I've tried wrapping

April 28, 2013

Making Miguel Ases Style Earrings: Part 2

This weekend, I practiced my brick stitch around a component - still working towards making earrings.  I have been using 11/0 seed beads - and they seem pretty small to me.  I like the way the finished rounds are

April 26, 2013

Making Miguel Ases Style beaded earrings: Part I

After admiring drooling over Miguel Ases earring styles yesterday, I decided to get busy learning to make something similar.  My plan is to deconstruct some of the earring styles to their basic forms to understand how they are made and how to create my own.

I think the simplest design is the one on the left.  I love mandalas, so I naturally like this style.  I think earrings like this are perfect to wear 'everyday' - to work or with jeans.

I found a really good free tutorial for this beading technique on the

April 25, 2013

Beading Inspiration: Miguel Ases Jewelry

The beaded jewelry of Miguel Ases is nothing short of astounding.  I have admired his work for quite a while and even tried

April 04, 2013

Moonstone Wire Wrap Necklace

The necklace project I was working on the other day is all done!  OK, it still needs a clasp and an extender chain, but I'll get that done tonight.  I decided to make it 16.5 inches long and I'll add a 1.5 inch extender chain. I'm very happy with it, although I'm not so happy with the pictures.  The moonstones have so much

April 01, 2013

Macrame Bracelets with Herringbone Charms

Boy - did making these macrame bracelets take me back in time!  I used to make ilots of macrame bracelets n high school out of waxed linen or hemp. 

 I've noticed they have become very popular again - and certainly much more upscale. At one time, I even saw Shamballa style bracelet with diamond beads for $29,000!!  Most Shamballa bracelets are pretty modestly price though. After all, they are usually just stone beads with macrame around them.