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April 28, 2013

Making Miguel Ases Style Earrings: Part 2

This weekend, I practiced my brick stitch around a component - still working towards making earrings.  I have been using 11/0 seed beads - and they seem pretty small to me.  I like the way the finished rounds are
coming out, although my color combinations could still use work.

About using larger beads... I noticed several pairs of Miguel Ases style earrings for sale on the Sundance Catalog website.  From reading the reviews, the negative always seems to be that people thought the earrings should be more substantial or larger than they are.  I'm sure part of this has to do with perceived value - at over $90, I probably expect more than a 3/4 inch beaded earring too.  But regardless, I would like a similar look that is slightly larger.  Obviously - there are two ways to go about this - stitch more rounds, or use larger beads. Larger beads seem like the way to go.

While I was making the components, I realized some people may not see the resemblance to Ases earrings because of the hole in the center bead.  All you need are some flat back crystals to fill in the hole.

What's nice is that you can vary the look of the finished earring based on the crystal you choose.  I tried black and smoke on the same pink round so you can see the difference.  When I am all done with the earrings, I glue the crystals using E6000.

Stay tuned.  I think I'll have earrings by the weekend.  What I really like from this attempt is that I've learned to position the seed beads to make a pattern.  I've also gotten better about varying the tension of the thread to leave spaces between the beads and still keep the shape.


  1. Destiny HuntJune 13, 2015

    Hi LIsa, I tried this technique using a daisy spacer bead and couldn't get the beads to lay around the edge, they kept rolling in toward the center. I also tried a 6/0 bead (hole-up) and still no go. What is the component you're using here? Looks like maybe a large-hole metal heishi? Thanks!

  2. Destiny HuntJune 13, 2015

    Sorry Lisa, I found the link in your subsequent article. Thanks!