June 4, 2014

Finished Ases Style Beaded Earrings, Bracelet and Some Work In Progress

Ases style earrings - all done!

Ases beaded earrings DIY tutorialThese earrings are my recent triumph.  One of the few pieces of jewelry I've finished lately.  

It was over a year ago that I set out to learn to make Miguel Ases style jewelry. I've completed three pairs of earrings since then.  

That's one part of making beaded items that I find most difficult.  How to finish and connect them - either to each other or to ear wires.  

In this case, I made both components and there was no simple way to add a jump ring.  I ended up adding a an extender of 3 beads and a jump ring.  Luckily it really blends with the earring design.

Ases style bracelet - made that too!

But I've also made some other bits and baubles too - they haven't all been earrings.  Today, I made this bracelet with one of my brick stitched Ases inspired beaded components.

Ases style bead and gemstone bracelet

The beaded component is simple to make - just circular brick stitch around a Czech bead.  I added a jump ring through one of the thread bridges and strung it on elastic cord between some dyed pink jade beads.

Circular brick stitch component - Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

The jump ring is oval with the closure on the side.  That's important because it makes it more secure than a circular jump ring.  Since the component will usually hang on the top or bottom of the jump ring - and the opening is on the side, it won't slide through even if there is a little gap.

Since I took this picture, I added one more jump ring to make the beaded component dangle and swing around more.    I love this bracelet - perfect for summer.

Beading work in progress

My current work in progress is this blue glass beaded component - likely destined for earrings.  

Shape and design-wise, it is very similar to these Miguel Ases Black Quartz and Swarovski Mini Tear Drop Earrings.

The Miguel Ases earrings are beaded around a ring instead of a bead, but conceptually they are similar.  A center component, rounds of brick stitch, and a bi-cone crystal and round bead to raise and elongate the shape.  He fills the hole in the ring with a crystal - in case you are wondering.

Ases Style earring component DIY: Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog

I stopped at this point in the design on purpose.  If I want to do it right, this is the point that I need to add the connector so that it is part of the component instead of added on as an after thought.  

My plan is to use a couple of small chain links in silver - similar to the Ases earrings.  I like how unobtrusive the chain is in the overall design, but it is secure since the chain does not have an opening like a jump ring would.

With any luck, I'll take pictures while I'm making the matching earring.  There are a few other tricks that I've got to share on how to make this.


  1. Hi Lisa I am enjoying your progress in making Miguel Ases look alike earrings. I adore his earrings also. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and ideas. I will make an attempt to make a pair one of these days. Your blue earrings above are very similar to his. My compliments to you

  2. Thank you Ida! I appreciate your comments and hope that my blog helps you make some fabulous jewelry. Just don't get discouraged. I look at some of my first projects (that I loved when I made them) and realize how much practice and trying something different each time has improved my work.