K.O. Beading Thread Review

I previously gave a quick overview of what factors help determine the best thread for beading. Thanks to feedback from other beaders, I realized there are quite a few bead threads I've never tried or haven't examined in enough detail yet. One of those is a nylon thread called K.O. thread.

K.O. Thread Review

K.O. thread is made in Japan. In various product descriptions, I've read that it is color fast, does not stretch, is strong, holds knots well, is pre-waxed and does not fray.  

So, the big question, is it really all of that and how does it compare to my standard go to thread, Nymo on the cone, size D?

What is the Best Thread for Beading? Nymo, FireLine or ...

Are you starting to make a pair of fringe earrings? Selecting the best thread for your seed beading projects can be tricky, especially since it can depend on the bead weaving stitch or the type of project you are making. There are lots of choices for thread material, thread size, needle size as well as thread conditioners. All of this can add up to a big headache for beginning beaders.  

The size and type of thread you choose can influence:
  • how easily your thread goes through the beads
  • how many times you can put your thread through the beads
  • how easily your thread will tangle or knot
  • if you should condition your thread
  • if your thread will stretch
  • if your thread will fray and therefore how long your beadwork will last
  • how well your thread will hold tension in your beadwork
  • the best method for tying off your thread
  • and there's probably more...
Your thread choice and the colors it is available in will even affect the color of your beads! 

With so much riding on this, shouldn't you spend a little time to know about your beading thread options?