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May 23, 2012

More Free Herringbone Jewelry Link Tutorials

Yesterday, I published a 'new to me' tutorial to create a modified herringbone wire wrap that results in a dangle instead of the traditional link.  I figured you may just want to try making a herringbone link too - so here are some more free tutorials to try.

Herringbone Wrap Link

The first herringbone link tutorial I ever saw was from Eni Oken and she used to have a free tutorial for it.  But like all things on the internet, I think that has changed and it is no longer available or it is no longer free.  The good news is that I've made a new free herringbone link wire wrap tutorial to fill in the gap.

It is one of my favorite techniques.  The picture above is my first ever herringbone link.  The wrap wire is a little too thin (probably 26g) and it's a little too long in my opinion, but the technique never fails to give interesting results.  I also added several  interesting variations on my new tutorial.

I found another interesting herringbone wire wrap tutorial that uses a saucer shaped bead, which results in a really interesting wrap.  I think I may have to try this, since traditional herringbone wire wraps seem to work best on round beads.  It is also free.


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