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May 13, 2012

YOJ Week 19: Chunky Turquoise Necklace

Making this necklace was very different for me for several reasons: 
  • I rarely do any type of stringing (I think it's a bit tedious)
  • I don't make 'big' things
All that aside, I love this necklace!!  I made it to brighten up a little black dress for a party because I wanted to make it more summery and it really did the trick.  It's more a collar than it is a necklace, but it feels and looked fabulous.  And it was very quick to go together.  From shopping to complete
piece was less than an hour! All of the components are from Michael's except the turquoise heishi which I had in my horde.  Also, to be completely honest, they are the only beads that are actually real turquoise, the others are dyed howlite.  So, this necklace is not only stunning - but very affordable.  I used beadalon cord and a simple but heavy silver clasp and extender chain.  There are some small bali spacers between the large slices too.


  1. Hey Lisa - it's pam (geopam) from G&B! Just starting following you and this necklace is stunning!!! Love the giant pieces - can't believe they are from Mike's! Congrats on such a stunner piece. If it needs to travel to a new state to visit for awhile and then return with some new photos, the Texas panhandle is just waiting...!!!

  2. Hi Lisa, Wow that is some necklace, I rarely make huge necklaces although I now do larger ones in the clay.
    Come on over for the second give away I just put it up!

  3. Frankie Harvener (WWJ group on Yahoo.May 30, 2012

    I like this necklace too. Howlite is a very nice stone, IMOP. I have a lariat necklace of natural howlite that I bought in Gatlinburg TN from Tahiti Beads there at one of the craft malls. I love it.
    I like big too. Your non dangle earrings are very pretty and unique.

  4. I still stare at this necklace and think - 'Wow - what possessed me that day?'. It's so out of character for me. But it is fabulous - and the howlite makes such an affordable substitute for turquoise. I also love white howlite - not sure why, but I do (adding it to my shopping list...)

  5. lovely necklace !! did you buy the big torquise rocks at michaels ?