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June 08, 2012

YOJ Week 23: Marlene Earrings from The Earring Style Book

This week I made two pairs of earrings using the instructions for a project called 'Marlene' from The Earring Style Book: Making Designer Earrings, Capturing Celebrity Style, and Getting the Look for Less.  The center stones are amazonite and I bought them on my last bead shopping trip.  The other stones are labradorite that I had in my stash.  This is part of my jewelry book review project.

I think the silver earrings could use some patina - but I'm holding off for right now.  That will probably be the subject of a future post, a variety of 'before patina' and 'after patina' projects just to get a good idea for how it changes the feel of the jewelry.

Along those lines, I made these earrings in both silver and gold
this past weekend.  The gold were the ones I made first.  I like them, but they feel a little serious or dressy to me.  I'm more casual and I love the 'beachy' feel to the silver pair.  They are perfect for jeans or a casual t-shirt dress.


  1. Ooh, I really like these! I know the gold feel a little dressier but I do like them best with the greenish beads. Very nice :)

  2. Cute earrings Lisa, I have been making earrings too by the way I love the simple pearl earrings you made, I remeber you wrote about them on the group.

  3. I do like these earrings! I've been making earrings, too, lately. Now that I'm not wearing winter hats I feel the need to dress up my ears again!

  4. Thank you so much for looking at my earrings and your positive comments. I was thinking of moving back to making rings - but just found out I need to make one more pair of earrings. Back to the book I go!

  5. This is a very cute earring design. I like them a lot. I think I prefer the silver, but they'd look great with a variety of different stones and beads. I'd bet they'd look great with a flashy bicone in the middle and a teardrop hanging from the bottom, too. Hmm... thanks for the inspiration!