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August 07, 2012

Starting out with Kumihimo Braiding

I got a kumihimo starter set in a surprise package from Wired Up Beads this summer.  I spent the last couple of weeks reading about kumihimo and searching the internet for examples and decided this trip would be the perfect time to try it out.

I have made only two braids so far.  The first one was just to get an idea of how the process works - following the directions that came with the Kumihimo Round Disk For Japanese Braiding and Cording.  It is an 8 cord braid.

The second braid is also done with 8 cords and was supposed to have a spiral pattern.  I thought I memorized the sequence correctly, but obviously I didn't.  I'll try that one today if I have time.

Both of the bracelets are pretty thin and could best be compared to friendship style bracelets.  It's a little disappointing since I'm way too old to be wearing a friendship bracelet (even though I am right now because my daughter bought me one in Boston), but I digress...

I am using Super-Lon Cord which I bought for micro-macrame.  It is the only cord that I have in lots of colors.  I also have some thicker 'fancy' cord that came with the starter kit, but I want to get the hang of it before I move on to using that.
My next step is to actually do a spiral braid and add beads.  I found this blog with great instructions for a variety of kumihimo braids.  It is called Life of Linuz and is in English and Norwegian.   Who would imagine I would be learning kumihimo from someone in Norway??  Actually - this is the spiral braid I'm going to try first (the other one is too advanced).  I figured I would leave both links.

The last picture is the view from my house in Cooperstown.  Every morning, the fog covers the valley and slowly burns off as the sun gets higher.  It is my favorite time of the day, for the view, and also because the house is quiet.  I am here with two other families so I relish the quiet time.  I love my housemates too though :)


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the other blog. Also I use Super-Lon for my braiding. If you going for a thicker braid try a 16 strand.

  2. I'm sorry to say that I'm a little discouraged with the Kumihimo. I suppose it's just part of being new to anything - I wanted to have fabulous results immediately. Oh darn - I suppose I will have to practice and learn more! I will try a 16 strand as soon as I have time (football season for High School starts in 2 weeks!). Do you recommend any tutorials or specific cord setup?