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September 07, 2012

"Back to School" Ring Swap

My new rings from Shelley!

I Love to Swap Jewelry!

I love participating in swaps and challenges on the various jewelry groups that I belong to.  There are two parts that I really love - getting a lovely surprise piece of jewelry in the mail, and meeting a new friend who also likes to make jewelry.

But a Back to School theme?

Back to School Bling (lol!)
I just finished participating in a Back to School theme ring swap.  This swap was more difficult than most.  For one, rings are just a difficult thing to make.  And then there's the Back to School theme!  I couldn't see anyone wearing a school bus or a pile of books on their hand - but yes, those ideas went through my mind!  In the end, I decided Back to School reminded me of Fall when I was a kid and lived back east.  You always knew it was time for school when the air moved from muggy to crisp and the leaves would start turning right as school was picking up steam.  So, that was my inspiration for my swap ring.
Falling Leaves Cocktail Ring

Please, let my ring turn out great...

My 'bonus' ring to Shelley
I always try a new technique for a swap.  After all, I'm sending it to a fellow jewelry maker.  I figure they'll understand!  Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with the way my swap ring turned out.  The braided band came out fantastic - but my idea for falling leaves came out a little bigger than I expected and I ended up with a lovely... cocktail ring?!  I know that isn't everyone's style or taste, so I sent a second ring just to be a good swap partner.  The funny thing is - my swap partner did exactly the same thing!  Her original swap piece is the diamond shape with the crystal center.  She decided she didn't like it and rather than pull it apart, she would send it along.  I absolutely LOVE this ring.  It is so simple, yet dramatic on.  I'm so glad she didn't take it apart!

So glad to meet you!

My partner was Shelley - and it was a pleasure to meet her.  By coincidence, she lives in a town close to where I sometimes work in Ohio (but I live in California).  Shelley's good friend is Eva Sherman, who owns Grand River Beads, a local bead store in Ohio and writes a jewelry blog that I enjoy reading.  So, we started off on a very 'gee this is a small world' foot.  Shelley is a seed beader - I primarily work with wire wrapping and gemstones.  I love that we have different mediums.  I look forward to my next swap!

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  1. I just had one of those d'oh moments reading my own blog. I could have sent one of my favorite star rings for the 'Back to School' swap. My 4th grade teacher always gave us gold or silver stars when we did well in class that day. Oh well...