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September 28, 2012

Lessons and Misadventures in Jewelry Making (and blogging?)

Well, it's just been a few of those weeks.  I have dabbled in a few creative bits here and there when I could - but most of it has not turned into anything worth showing.  Unless you like to see that other people have a pile of misadventures too.

Some things that I have learned the hard way:
  • Don't bother using cheap crimp tubes.  I've heard people say they don't hold together and it's worth investing in good ones - but what they heck.  I have them, might as well try - right?  Well, I tried and both bracelets I made with them came apart - after they were completely done.  In some ways, it's my fault.  I didn't give a very vigorous 'pull test' before I trimmed the beading wire ends.  Good sterling silver and gold filled crimps are worth the money in the time they save you from redoing your work.
  • Don't swap jewelry with someone who has a different jewelry style unless you are prepared to be sucked into it.  Yes, I'm talking to you Shelley Gross!  Since we swapped, I have been playing with seed beads and brick stitch.  I really want to (think I can) make something like these Miguel Ases Earrings.  Love them!!  I really like the colors and geometry of seed beads, but my eyes are hating it!  
  • Reading glasses are your friend - and you're not really old if you were them.  It will save you from lots of squint lines and foul language. (I'm chuckling because I originally wrote fowl language and I just knew it couldn't be right! D-oh!)
  • All work and no play makes a boring blog.  I hate not having time to gather my thoughts, create something and chronicle it.  It's such a great habit and brings me joy to be able to page through it now and then.  The lesson here is to find what you love and make time for it - whatever it is!  
Some things I knew, but was reminded of:
  • Friends are always your best customers.  Thanks for the custom ring order Erma!  I hope you enjoy wearing it, cause it looks mah-velous on you!  Here's a link to my blog entry with more information about this ring and the one I made in silver for myself.

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  1. Reading glasses? Hah! I have to use heavy duty visors to see what I'm doing. And I've been using all my time to learn about marketing that I haven't made any jewelry in over a month (maybe more). So sad.